2 Jun 2020: 15th Formal (virtual)

Greetings to all technical writers, and to everyone interested in technical communication!

It’s time to go more virtual, in a joint webinar with APCOMTEC and EuroSIGDOC, sponsored by Farfetch.

José Aragão (Farfetch): Clear Communication – Writing clearly when documenting Farfetch APIs

The Farfetch APIs, documentation, and manuals are used by a very diverse group of people, from all around the world. With such a diverse audience, unclear documentation will certainly lead to lost time. This is why technical documents must be unusually simple, unambiguous and literal. Clear communication is not merely desired – it is required.

Notes of interest:

  • José will present in Portuguese about clear communication in English.
  • The participation is free, subject to room capacity (about 150).
  • The conferencing system Blue Jeans will suggest that you download a client, but you can participate with just a browser.
  • There will be an opportunity for participants to interact, so plan ahead for audio and video.

Feel free to extend this invitation to friends and other interested parties. More interesting participants will improve the learning experience for everyone.

Thanks to our sponsors for all the support: Farfetch (virtual room and more), APCOMTEC (marketing and more) and EuroSIGDOC (site).

— Alexandra Albuquerque, APCOMTEC president, info@apcomtec.org
— Carlos Costa, EuroSIGDOC chair, carlos.costa@acm.org
— Joaquim Baptista, APCOMTEC secretary and EuroSIGDOC vice-chair, px@acm.org

PS: If you missed the workshop on comics at the TCeurope Summer School last year, take a look at Communicator Winter 2019 or at the Farfetch Tech Blog: www.farfetchtechblog.com/en/blog/post/inspire-with-comics/

PPS: It costs €15 to join APCOMTEC and support their series of webinars.