Technical Writers @ Lisbon


You are a Technical Writer if your job requires
    the ability to communicate
                          complex technical information
    to other people
           not once
           but often
           and systematically
           and failure costs time, money or lives
We propose a structured meet-up
to become conscious of others
                               and learn with them
                               and share with them
      and to become
               better technical
               or whatever is called for
We welcome
Come and meet us
        bring yourself
                the cost is your time
                the benefit is your learning
                and a better us
        You will enjoy this meeting!
We will meet again to mingle
        and to share
                 although we need to find a room
        so stay tuned
We have met before
        read our reports and announcements here
        or follow us on Google Groups
        or join us on Meetup

EuroSIGDOC Participates in the SIGDOC2021

EuroSIGDOC participates in the ACM/SIGDOC 2021 Conference in the context of the Lisbon Hub. October 14 (Lisbon, Portugal Time) 10:30H -10:50H ACM EuroSIGDOC presentation 11:00H- 12:00H Lisbon HUB /SIDOC 2021 …

14 Dec 2020, 16th Formal, virtual

We had planned to meet half-an-hour before the event, to make sure that everything was set up just right. However, the keys to start the Zoom meeting were held hostage …

2 Jun 2020: 15th Formal (virtual)

Greetings to all technical writers, and to everyone interested in technical communication! It’s time to go more virtual, in a joint webinar with APCOMTEC and EuroSIGDOC, sponsored by Farfetch. Tuesday, …

26 Jun 2018, 14th Formal, Farfetch

Greetings to all technical writers, and to everyone interested in technical communication! It’s been a long time since our last formal meeting… but we’re back! Tuesday, June 26th, 19h00-21h00. Farfetch …

25 May 2017, 13th Formal, Farfetch

The 13th formal meeting was spurred by opportunity. Rosário Durão was passing through Portugal, and the date suddenly emerged as the only option to hear her in Lisbon. Farfetch accepted …

25 March 2017, 12th formal, Feedzai

After some weeks of preparation, we finally held the 12th edition of Technical Writers @ Lisbon, this time at Feedzai’s Lisbon office in Parque das Nações. Participants started arriving before …

Open Source / Código Aberto

Open Source – Código Aberto de Carlos J. Costa

15 November 2016, 11th formal, IPS

This 11th formal session introduced the roles and tasks of technical writers to MSc. students in Management of Information Systems. The class has ten working students, which attend the classes …

3rd ACM Europe Chapters Workshop

EuroSIGDOC was well represented in the 3rd ACM Europe Chapters Workshop (Prague, aug. 25-26) by our chair and treasurer. And it ended with one more member, a French ACM Member, …

18 June 2016, 10th formal, Atelier Concorde

Come Saturday morning, it was surprisingly hard to park next to Atelier Concorde, quite unlike the time that I had visited the before. The meeting was in the project room …

Ways of visualizing science and technology: Results of an ethnographic pilot study with Portuguese and US engineers

Eleven people attended the presentation by Rosário Durão at ISCTE. She presented her ongoing research on ways to visualize science and technology. The VISTAC research project aims to distinguish between what …

31 March 2016, Informal, Bar Foxtrot, 18h-

Five persons attended the informal meeting at the bar “Foxtrot” at Bairro Alto. The first person arrived at 18h30. The group broke up at 22h00. Nobody remembered to take pictures. …

30 January 2016, 9th formal, Startup Campus

Fifteen people attended the meeting, including nine people that stayed for lunch. Mariana set up camp at the entrance, while I prepared the large open space on the first floor. …

01 September 2015, informal

Eight people attended the informal meeting at the bar “Irish & Co.” at Parque das Nações. The first person arrived at 18h00, but two people arrived around 20h00. The group …

23 May 2015, 8th formal, ISTAR-IUL + APCOMTEC + EuroSIGDOC + TWL

Nineteen different people attended the meeting, including sixteen in the morning, twelve at lunch, and fourteen in the afternoon. Some people only came in the morning or afternoon. At the …

20 May 2015, 7th formal, FCSH

After the class at FCSH on April 22nd, professor Rute Costa praised the event to her colleagues. Some students did not attend the first class because of scheduling conflicts, so …

7 May 2015, 6th formal, ISCTE

Carlos Costa challenged me to give a class on the importance of technical writing to his students of Software Engineering. However, he warned me that these students preferred technical topics …

22 April 2015, 5th formal, FCSH

Looking back at what Technical Writers @ Lisbon has achieved in the last two years, we surprised ourselves with the interest and quality of the presentations at our formal events. …

13 March 2015, informal

Cinemateca Portuguesa, 18H00–23H00 12 persons met     for friendly conversations     enjoying the best company inside     and an optional dinner

11 December 2014, 4th formal, ISCTE

ISCTE, 19H30–21H00 Manuela Aparício     ISCTE-IUL, teacher and researcher since 2006 also, open networking over coffee and free cookies     together, we created     a 18-page public …

19 June 2014, informal

Hotel Altis Avenida, 18H00–20H00 7 persons met         for friendly conversations         enjoying the best company outside         and debriefing recent events samba …

23 May 2014, Aveiro

APCOMTEC event, Aveiro, 8H30–20H30 4 persons shared a car        to attend the friendly APCOMTEC event        we talked and bonded for hours       …

16+17 May 2014, 3rd formal, ISCTE

ISDOC’2014, ISCTE, 18H00–19H00 + 9H00–17H00 Rosário Durão     New Mexico Tech, teacher and researcher since 1996 Carlos J. Costa     ISCTE, teacher and researcher since 1993 Joaquim Baptista …

11 March 2014, informal

Me & You, Parque das Nações, 18H30–22H15 4 persons met     for friendly conversations     enjoying the fair weather outside     and planning for a brighter future

27 November 2013, informal

Irish & Co., Parque das Nações, 19H30–21H00 13 persons met     for friendly conversations     sheltered from the bitter cold     but were kicked out by the …

26 October 2013, 2nd formal, ISCTE

ISCTE, 9H00–14H00 Daniel Bofill     SISCOG, technical writer since 2012 Frances Gordon     Simplified, teacher and manager since 2005 Rui Serra     AnubisNetworks, technical writer since 2007 also, open …

25 September 2013, informal

Hotel Altis Avenida, 18H00–21H00 12 persons met     for friendly conversations     with a view     and a five star service

22 June 2013, 1st formal, ISCTE

ISCTE, 9H00–14H00 Joaquim Baptista     Altitude Software, technical writer since 1997 Jaime Vasconcelos     OutSystems, technical writer since 2007 Aldina Rodrigues     EuroScript, manager since 1997 also, …