Friday       Saturday  
9:00-9:15 Opening     9:00-10:00 Session 7a Session 7b
9:15-10:15 session 1     10:00-11:00 Panel  
10:15-11:00 session 2a session 2b   11:00.11:30 poster session  
11:30-12:30 session 3     11:30-12:30 Session 8  
  Lunch     12:30-13:00 Talk and Closing session
14:00-15:30 session 4          
15:30-17:00 Session 5          
17:30-18:30 Session 6          
18:30-19:30 Keynote          
ISCTE: Building I, Auditorio JJ Laginha
09:00:00 Opening
09:15:00 session 1 Learning and Design of Communication
  • Towards Activity Recognition of Learners by Simple Electroencephalographs
  • MOOC´s Business Models: Turning Black Swans into Gray Swans
  • Suitability of Diagrams for IT User Learning
 10:15:00 Session 2a Data Mining and BI
  • Exploring collaboration requirements of heterogeneous teams on the example of a critical sales process
  • A Comparative Analysis of Open Source Business Intelligence Platforms
10:15:00 Session 2b Technical Writing and Documentation
  • Towards a normative conceptual framework for information-seeking studies in technical communication
  • A Modified Gaussian Similarity Measure for Clustering Software Documents and Components
11:30:00 Session 3 Learning and Design of Communication
  • Evaluating Success of a Programming Learning Tool
  • Understanding students’ mobility habits towards the implementation of an adaptive ubiquitous platform
  • Decision support portal to higher education degree selection: the creation of a personal ranking
14:00:00 Session 4 3D Multimedia and Computer Human Interfaces
  • S3D Motion Graphics: assessing the benefits and implications of stereoscopic visual communication
  • Crossing Lines in GSG
  • Using Principles from Architecture to Inform HCI Design
15:30:00 Session 5 IT adoption New Trends
  • Adoption of Cloud Computing Systems
  • New trends on CAATTs: what are the Chartered Accountants’ new challenges?
17:00:00 Session 6 Collaborative Systems
  • Gamification: The using of user discussion groups in the software development in e-banking.
  • CharX – A proposal for a Collaborative Information System for the eXchange of goods between Charities
  • Framework for the development of Static and Flexible collaborative solutions
  • Geocasting in Vehicular Adhoc Networks Using Particle Swarm Optimization
09:00:00 session 7a Design of Communication in Finance fields
  • How gamification can influence the webdesign and the customer to use the e-banking systems
  • An Information System for Investment Advisory Process
  • Statutory auditor’s profile and computer assisted audit tools and techniques’ acceptance: indicators on firms and peers’ influence
09:00:00 session 7b - Communication and Performance

  • Performance examination of type-2 hypervisors: case of particular database application in a virtual environment
  • Stripped disk array organizations with distributed parity RAID-5: study and performance analysis
11:00:00 Posters Posters:
  • Portuguese Geolocated Tweets: An Overview
  • Social Networks with BuddyPress
  • Django-CMS overview
11:30:00 Session 8 Technical Writing and Documentation
  • 20 Years of Technical Writing at Altitude Software
  • Software Documentation: a Standard for the 21st Century
  • Overview of Facebook Scalable Architecture
 12:30:00 Talk and Closing session.
  •  Features, layers, modules and variants. Assembling the User Manual puzzle.