Technical Writers @ Lisbon


You are a Technical Writer if your job requires
    the ability to communicate
                          complex technical information
    to other people
           not once
           but often
           and systematically
           and failure costs time, money or lives
We propose a structured meet-up
to become conscious of others
                               and learn with them
                               and share with them
      and to become
               better technical
               or whatever is called for
We welcome
Come and meet us
        bring yourself
                the cost is your time
                the benefit is your learning
                and a better us
        You will enjoy this meeting!
We will meet again to mingle
        and to share
                 although we need to find a room
        so stay tuned
We have met before
        read our reports and announcements here
        or follow us on Google Groups
        or join us on Meetup