31 March 2016, Informal, Bar Foxtrot, 18h-

Five persons attended the informal meeting at the bar “Foxtrot” at Bairro Alto. The first person arrived at 18h30. The group broke up at 22h00. Nobody remembered to take pictures. We were too busy talking…

The conversation ended with a surprising offer for a room. In the future, this room may very well allow us to have regular formal meetings. But we’ll start with a full-day event before the Summer, probably about our experiences with writing tools.

— Joaquim Baptista, EuroSIGDOC vice-chair, px@acm.org

The Invitation (16-Mar)

Greetings to all technical writers, and to everyone interested in technical communication!

Following a tip from one of our own, let us gather shortly after Easter:

  • Thursday, 31-March, starting at 18h00.
  • Bar Foxtrot (Travessa Santa Teresa 28, 1200-405 Lisboa — barfoxtrot.pt — 213 952 697).

The participation is free, although you should pay for some food or beverages at the bar. While we will be sitting in a non-smoking area, smoking areas are readily available.

Informal meetings have neither presentations nor agenda. However, you can bring your own agenda to informal meetings. My personal agenda is to get to know other people better, and to explore the diversity in our profession.

— Alexandra Albuquerque, APCOMTEC, info@apcomtec.org
— Carlos Costa, EuroSIGDOC chair, carlos.costa@acm.org
— Joaquim Baptista, EuroSIGDOC vice-chair, px@acm.org

PS: Robert Palladino carried the best Medieval traditions into our lives. May he rest in peace.

PPS: Join us as we dance madly in the lip of the vulcano.